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Balgowlah Dental Clinic is a well-established practice with highly dedicated, experienced dentists and professional and committed staff here to help you achieve your oral health goals.

Your Smile, Our Priority.

Our Clinic

Balgowlah dental clinic is a practice on the northern beaches of Sydney, with a long-standing pedigree. Originally known as Peter Morrow Dental for over 20 years, our new principal dentists Drs Sahar and Michael have taken over and rebranded after Dr Morrow retired.

We continue to care for our patients across all aspects of modern dentistry, with a special interest in Invisalign and aesthetic dentistry. Our team has extensive experience in accommodating your needs on an actively engaged, personal level to deliver the best outcome and ensure you have a lifetime of great oral health.

We provide a superior service for our clients, beginning with easily accessible online booking processes and transitioning to a bespoke experience in our practice. We welcome you to enjoy the warm, inviting interior and modern conveniences that are the key to keeping you comfortable and relaxed during your visit. 

Step into our technologically advanced clinic, where a pleasant experience is paramount. Happy gas is available in every surgery, and ceiling-mounted TVs keep you and your family entertained during visits. Our on-site 3D x-ray unit sets the standard for complex root canal and implant procedures.


Children's dental boy happy in chair

Safety and Quality Standards

We are an accredited dentist. Quality Innovation Performance (QIP) is an independently recognised accreditation from the Australian Dental Association (ADA). 

This accreditation means that all of the staff, and our practice, meet a strict set of health practice standards and a commitment to continually improve safety and quality standards.

QIP only provides accreditation to health providers who comply with best practice guidelines across all systems and processes such as staff training and sterilisation of instruments. This is reviewed every year, thus this extra layer of approval means you can visit our Northern Beaches dental practice with peace of mind that you are in safe hands and will be provided quality service. 

Dentist practice accreditation
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