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Anxious Patients

A common reason people avoid visiting the dentist is not cost related or finding the time but rather fear related. 

At Balgowlah Dental Clinic, our dentists and staff are trained to provide treatment in a gentle and caring manner. Most treatment can be completed in the dental chair without the need for further sedation techniques. However, we understand some of our patients may be particularly anxious and as such we do offer treatment under either nitrous sedation or general anesthetic.

Nitrous Sedation:

General Anaesthetic:

At Balgowlah Dental Clinic, we offer a form of sedation known as nitrous oxide sedation, commonly referred to as "laughing gas" . During this procedure, patients remain conscious while inhaling a controlled mixture of oxygen and nitrous oxide through a mask placed over the nose. This mixture induces a calming effect, helping patients to relax and manage anxiety during dental treatments.


  • Patients are calm, comfortable and in control

  • No escort required

  • No fasting required

  • Flexible duration

  • Rapid onset and rapid recovery

We also provide general anesthesia sedation in specific procedures when advised by one of our doctors, which is a more comprehensive sedation method for patients grappling with heightened anxiety. Our proficient Anesthetist induces a state of unconsciousness in patients, akin to a deep sleep. This procedure is carried out as a day surgery arrangement, granting patients the ability to return home on the  same day with an escort.


  • Patients sleep through the entire procedure

  • No unpleasant sights, smell and sounds

  • Time effective (multiple treatments in one session)

Some people may not be suitable for these sedation techniques. Please call us at (02) 9948 2881 to book in to have a chat with one of our friendly Dentists to see if you’re a suitable candidate.

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