Beautiful Smile

Gum disease treatment and maintenance 

Once the teeth lose support, they can become wobbly, then even start to fall out. Smoking is one of the biggest risk factors for getting gum disease. Also there is a strong link between constant gum inflammation, and heart disease and diabetes, as the germs can travel into your bloodstream and affect the rest of your body. 
Drs. Michael and Sahar will show you the best way of brushing, ideally with an electric toothbrush, and introduce you to many other ways of cleaning between teeth, that aren’t flossing!
Once you get rid of the heavy calculus buildup, know how to look after your teeth and gums, then getting smooth, polished teeth every 6 months is a pleasure!


The inside of the lower front teeth half covered with crusty tartar. And after a very satisfying clean.

Jim only came to the dentist because his wife made an appointment for him. He won’t be leaving it 23 years until his next clean! (Hopefully!)