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Root canal treatment

All teeth have a space containing a nerve inside that can become infected if germs get into it, either by a crack, decay or trauma.

Root canal treatment or nerve treatment is the cleaning out of the space inside a tooth and filling it up to stop germs returning. Often the tooth needs to restored with a strong ceramic cap afterwards to stop it from breaking and restore a natural appearance.

This allows the tooth to be kept in the mouth for chewing and smiling. It is ideal to keep your natural teeth for as long as you can, as it gives you options for replacement in the future, rather than taking the tooth out and leaving a gap.
Root canal treatment takes a few visits, as the inside of the tooth can be very complicated to clean out, and hence we may sometimes advise referral to a specialist for you to have the foundations of the tooth treated properly prior to the permanent restoration on top.

Dental Tooth Root Canal Model for RCT Pr

If you have an emergency toothache, and want to save the tooth, Call us and make an appointment without delay, which gives you the best chance to save your tooth.

Modern root treatment doesn’t hurt! After you are numbed up, the dentist places a rubber sheet to isolate the tooth, and many people even doze off during the procedure. If at any moment you feel discomfort or need a break, simply raise your left hand and we will stop right away.

And no. Root canal treatments don’t cause cancer or affect any other part of your body.