Beautiful Smile

Dental cap/crown and ceramic fillings

A young girl had an accident, and was not happy with the appearance of her teeth after root canal treatment. Four ceramic crowns were placed, restoring her natural smile. 

Ceramic fillings follow the same procedure as a crown, where damaged fillings and decay are removed, and a new porcelain fillings is made outside the mouth. This takes about 2 weeks, and you will have a temporary plastic filling in place until the permanent one is inserted.

Teeth Metal Fillings

Ryan had some old metal fillings that were breaking down

Teeth Decay in old fillings

Some decay found once the old fillings were removed

Teeth Decay

Decay and weak tooth structure removed, keeping a maximum amount of healthy tooth structure

Teeth Cemented

The first onlay is cemented two weeks later after the temporary onlay has been removed

Ceramic Onalys

Two ceramic onalys in place, which are much stronger, more aesthetic and easier to keep clean. Ryan was very pleased.